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Detergents, Cleaning Products
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Learn How To Formulate Your Own Range of Cleaning Products, Detergents, Disinfectants, Air Fresheners & Liquid Soaps
Start Your Own Business. Start Your Own Brand.
The Only Online Formulation Training Program of Its Kind
6 Modules + 60 High Performance Industry-Proven Formulations

Evaluate. Formulate. Create.

Start your own unique brand of high performance detergents, cleaning products & liquid soaps. Learn how to formulate and manufacture a wide range of high quality products. The Training Modules include everything you need to get started - from set-up, finding suppliers & procedures for manufacturing, to branding & marketing your products.

Advanced Technology

Formulations engineered for excellence, using high quality cost-effective ingredients

Build A Business

Formulate & create to build a profitable business across multiple platforms to multiple markets

Expert Tuition

Learn from an experienced professional - a scientific formulator with 25+ years in the industry


Learn from anywhere in the world. Download your Modules & Formulations & get started

Get Started

Everything you need to know to start formulating your own range of products. Suitable for all skill levels - from complete beginners to chemistry graduates.


Start your business in any country. Cater to your local market or export beyond your borders.


Learn online at your own pace from anywhere in the world. Download the Training Modules and read from any device, or print for easy reference.

Expert Tuition

Juliet Moncrieff

Professor of Biochemistry

HI & I (Household Industrial & Institutional) Formulation Scientist

Industry Consultant

6 Training Modules

60 Formulations

Easy to read training modules, written in plain English, download to your computer

Perfect for all levels

The Global Market for Cleaning Products, Detergents & Liquid Soap is worth more than $300 billion a year ... with steady annual growth.

Will you be part of it?

$75 billion

Annual global sales home laundry detergents

$10 billion

Annual global sales household toilet cleaners

$25 billion

Annual global sales household surface cleaners

$10 billion

Annual global sales home air fresheners

$20 billion

Annual global hand dishwashing detergents

$100 billion

Industrial & Institutional cleaning products

Comprehensive Training Modules

The only online formulation training program of its kind

Module 1

• Setting up your Lab • Equipment • Safety • Manufacturing Procedures

Module 2

• Detergent Ingredients • Dyes & Pigments • Preservatives

Module 3

• Herbal Ingredients • Natural Additives • Aromatherapy Ingredients

Module 4

• Glossary of Ingredients for Detergents & Personal Care Liquid Soaps

Module 5

• Marketing & Branding • Packaging • Ingenious High Profit Sales Plan

Module 6

• International Suppliers - Where to find Ingredients & Packaging • Resources

60 High Performance Formulations

Engineered for ease of manufacturing, exceptional cleaning power & maximum profits.

Everything you need to know to start formulating and start your own business:
Exact quantities of ingredients • Exact manufacturing procedures for 60 high performance products

60 Formulations

Get started formulating your own brand today.
It's easier than a cooking recipe - you can create & formulate your own range of detergents, cleaning products & liquid soaps.
Every formulation includes detailed instructions for manufacturing a high performance product, of equal quality to top-selling brands.
You won't find my formulations anywhere else - they are available exclusively from my website.
All my products have been engineered for their ease of manufacturing, exceptional cleaning power, and maximum profitability.

There are formulations for every application & every industry - household, retail, wholesale, commercial, industrial, institutional.

50 Formulations for Cleaning Products, Detergents, Dinsinfectants & Air Fresheners + 10 Formulations for Liquid Soap / Hand Wash

This course is for you if ...

• You want to start your own brand of cleaning products, liquid soaps or detergent, anywhere in the world.

• You want to start your own business making high-profit in-demand everyday consumable items, for wholesale or retail markets - households, offices, factories, commercial, industrial & institutional - or even private label manufacturing

• You have a business that already sells or uses detergents & cleaning products - formulating your own products will increase your profits substantially.

• You have no experience in chemistry, but would love to be able to formulate products to industry standards.

• You have some experience making products, and want to take your skills to an advanced level. Turn your hobby into a professional business.

Comprehensive Training Program

The Training Modules guide you through every step - from set-up & manufacturing to branding & marketing


Study the 6 Modules, formulate & experiment


Evaluate and choose your market or niche


Formulate high performance in-demand products


Create a brand - Build a profitable business


The only online formulation training program of its kind.

6 Training Modules + 60 High Performance Industry-Proven Formulations for Cleaning Products, Detergents, Dinsinfectants, Air Fresheners & Liquid Soap / Hand Wash

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This course gave me the confidence I needed to make and sell professional products. I now have a profitable part-time business which is continually growing.

Carole Atkins

This course helped me learn so much about formulating, I found it easy to make the products even though I had never done anything like this before. My customers tell me my products are even better than what they were buying in the past.

Sarah Ingram

The products I have made are selling well and I'm on my way to making this a full-time business.

Roger Meadmore

I've always wanted to get into this industry, but didn't know how, until I found Juliet's course. It is easy to understand, concise and the formulations really do work.

Robert Emmerson

We are now manufacturing all the products we use in our cleaning business. This has saved us quite a lot of money and has opened up new ventures for retailing our detergents.

David & Hannah

Great course, very nice products. If I can do it, anyone can. Highly recommended.

Rebecca Goldstein

Formulate Detergent


Formulate Detergent


Formulate Detergent


Formulate Detergent