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Secret Offer for September 2023

September is almost over - just 3 months until the holiday season!

This time every year, I offer something special for my subscribers - as a way of saying thank you for your continued interest & support - and to provide you with a profitable additional income stream for your business, just in time for the holidays.

This year, by popular demand, I am once again making my Hair Care Formulations available to you - at no extra charge - but it's only for the next 48 hours!

I am pleased to present to you:

60 Dangerously Good HairCare Formulations

60 Dangerously Good HairCare Formulations



 ( until 30 September, 2023 )


When you join the Formulate Detergent program this month, these additional 80 HairCare Formulations are yours free at no extra cost

Master Formulations for HairCare Products 

Featuring 60 (now 80!) formulations for high demand, high quality haircare products. They’re easy to manufacture, with no special equipment required. They’re all highly effective, tested to international standards, including many natural and organic formulations. (They really are dangerously good!)

If you’ve ever wanted to manufacture your own range of Shampoo & Conditioner Bars, even better than leading brands like LUSH – now is your chance! 

You’ll also be formulating cutting-edge liquid shampoos, conditioners, styling products, mists, masks, balms, serums, sprays  … 

Along with my laboratory team, this course has been almost 2 years in the making – formulating, testing, tweaking, refining – to enable you to make the best possible haircare products on the market today.

You will love these products so much yourself, you will never use commercial brand products again!

Master Formulations for HairCare Products:

• Shampoo Bar Formulations:

Sulfate-Free Moringa Oil Shampoo Bar

Luxurious Lather Abyssinian & Kaolin Shampoo Bar

Cocoa Butter Shampoo Bar

Argan Oil Shampoo Bar

Sulfate-Free Rice Starch Shampoo Bar

Sulfate-Free Mango Butter Shampoo Bar

Mango & Sea Buckthorn Shampoo Bar

Cocoa Butter & Rhassoul Clay Shampoo Bar

Wheatgerm & Jojoba Oil Shampoo Bar

Sulfate-Free French Green Clay Shampoo Bar

Australian Pink Clay Shampoo Bar

Tucuma Butter Shampoo Bar

Basic Shampoo Bar

• Liquid Shampoo Formulations:

Hydrolyzed Silk Shampoo

Sulfate-free Hydrolyzed Silk Clarifying Shampoo

Natural Rosemary Shampoo

Natural Peppermint Shampoo

Argan Oil Shampoo

Volumising Conditioning Shampoo

Organic Shampoo

• Hair Conditioner Formulations

Keratin, Coconut & Cardamom Cleansing Hair Conditioner

Rose & Kiwi Cleansing Hair Conditioner

Argan & Coconut Oil Cleansing Hair Conditioner

Plum Oil Cleansing Hair Conditioner 

Mango & Sea Buckthorn Oil Cleansing Hair Conditioner

Argan Oil & Rose Cleansing Hair Conditioner

Basic Cleansing Conditioner Formulation 1 

Basic Cleansing Conditioner Formulation 2

Basic Cleansing Conditioner Formulation 3

Rose & Argan Oil Leave-In Hair Conditioner

Creamy Rose & Strawberry Hair Conditioner 

Natural Jojoba & Avocado Oil Hair Conditioner

Nourishing Quinoa & Coconut Hair Conditioner

Passionfruit & Coconut Hair Conditioner

Creamy Light Hair Conditioner 

Creamy Rich Hair Conditioner

Strawberry, Quinoa & Kiwi Nourishing Hair Conditioner

Camellia Seed & Silk Leave-in Hair Conditioner

Super Detangling Hair Conditioner

Foaming Rose & Panthenol Hair Conditioner

Basic Creamy Hair Conditioner - Formulation 1

Basic Creamy Hair Conditioner - Formulation 2

Basic Creamy Hair Conditioner - Formulation 3

Coconut, Camellia Seed & Walnut Oil Nourishing Hair Balm

Fine Hair Leave-In Conditioner

Organic Conditioner

• Hair Conditioning Bar Formulations

Cocoa Butter & Coconut Hair Conditioning Bars

Mango & Silk Hair Conditioning Bars

Silk Peptides & Tucuma Hair Conditioning Bars

Shea Butter & Nigella Oil Hair Conditioning Bars

Tucuma Butter Hair Conditioning Bars

Sweet Almond Oil Hair Conditioning Bars

Coconut & Passionfruit Hair Conditioning Bars

• Hair Masque & Balm Formulations

Keratin & Argan Oil Hair Masque

Murumuru Butter Hair Masque

Silk & Horsetail Hair Masque

Camellia Oil & Green Tea Hair Butter 

Rose & Camellia Oil Hair Masque

Shea Butter & Jojoba Hair Masque

Coconut & Argan Oil Hair Balm

Jojoba & Camellia Nourishing Hair Balm

Silk & Argan Oil Conditioning Hair Masque 

Coconut, Camellia & Walnut Oil Hair Balm 

• Hair Serum Formulations:

Coconut & Camellia Seed Lightweight Hair Oil

Marula Hair Serum

Hyaluronic Acid & Panthenol Hair Conditioning Serum

Camellia Seed & Vitamin E Hair Serum 

Camellia Seed & Aloe Vera Hair Serum

Rose Conditioning Hair Gel Serum

Rosy Smooth & Shine Hair Serum 

• Hair Spritz Formulations:

Rose Water Conditioning Hair Spritz

Argan Oil Hair Spritz

Camellia Seed Anti-Frizz Hair Spritz

Jojoba & Argan Oil Shiny Hair Spritz

Marula Hair Shine Spray 

Dry Shampoo Formulations:

Luxury Natural Tinted Dry Shampoo

• Beard Balm Formulations:

Jojoba & Argan Oil Beard Balm

Mango Butter Beard Balm

Shea Butter, Hemp & Camellia Oil Beard Balm

Cedarwood Beard Balm

Brazil Nut Oil Beard Balm

Vegan Beard Balm

Vegan Beard Balm 2


These 80 special formulations are available separately for $999 - they will be provided as a complimentary gift only to those of you who enrol in the Formulate Detergent program before the end of this month (September 30, 2023).

That's 2 courses for the price of 1 - a saving of $999

To enrol in the program, you can click on the link below, or from the home page of my website.

As always, please get in touch if you have any questions - I am at your service!



The only online formulation training program of its kind.

6 Modules + 60 High Performance Industry-Proven Formulations for Cleaning Products, Detergents, Dinsinfectants, Air Fresheners & Liquid Soap / Hand Wash

+ 80 High Performance Dangerously Good HairCare Formulations


$999 USD


Instant Download Upon Completion of Your Order


The only online formulation training program of its kind.

60 Dangerously Good HairCare Formulations (+ 20 FREE BONUS formulations until 30 September 2023) - Total 80 Master Formulations

$999 USD


Instant Download Upon Completion of Your Order