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Juliet Moncrieff

Professor of Biochemistry

HI & I (Household Industrial & Institutional) Formulation Scientist

Industry Consultant


Detergent Formulation Services

Juliet Moncrieff is an experienced HI & I Formulation Scientist, with 25+ years experience and clients in more than 20 countries ... She has formulated for multi-nationals and independent start-ups ... 

The cost of buying formulations can be prohibitive for small businesses & start-ups ... That's the reason I created the Formulate Detergent Program - with 60 ready-to-go formulations + 6 comprehensive Training Modules (all the details are here) - anyone can get started creating their own brand of top quality products.

My Laboratory also offers these services for those who would like to work hand-in-hand with a qualified team of formulators to create a unique product range:

• Formulation Design, Research & Development - Formulations from concept to manufacturing procedures and scale-up samples

• Formulation Review - Formulation fixes and reverse engineering of formulations

• Technical Assistance - Formulation tweaks & updates

• Ingredient Research & Analysis

• Laboratory & Manufacturing Facility Consultancy - Economical set-up of your plant for small or large scale production

• Bespoke Training / One-on-one Mentoring

• Brand Development & Marketing Strategies

If you would like to start your own brand of cleaning products, detergents or liquid soap, the Formulate Detergent Program is a cost-effective, fast and profitable way to enter this billion-dollar industry.






The only online formulation training program of its kind.

6 Training Modules + 60 Ready-To-Go High Performance Industry-Proven Formulations for Cleaning Products, Detergents, Dinsinfectants, Air Fresheners & Liquid Soap / Hand Wash

$999 USD


Instant Download Upon Completion of Your Order

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Formulate Detergent


Formulate Detergent


Formulate Detergent


Formulate Detergent


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